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60,000 Cases of Cholera in Zimbabwe


The BBC reports that this is the “worst case scenario” for a people who have endured some unimaginably horrible scenarios. Over 3,000 people – mostly young children and babies – have died. See the epidemic in pictures here. This come along with news that Zimbabwe has completely abandoned its currency:

BBC southern Africa correspondent Peter Biles says the Zimbabwean dollar has become a laughing stock. A Z$100 trillion note was recently introduced.


Zimbabwe: Health in Ruins

Physicians for Human Rights just released Health in Ruins: A Man-Made Disaster in Zimbabwe, an emergency report on the severe health crisis plaguing the people of Zimbabwe.  The report strongly condemns the criminal acts of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF regime and the blatant violations of political and social rights in the country, directly violating the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other rights-based covenants.

The impact of these rights violations has been grave.  The resulting economic collapse has pushed the unemployment rate over 80%.  The collapse of the public health system has virtually stopped the delivery of health care.  A director of a hospital in Zimbabwe describes the situation bluntly:

We see women with eclampsia who have been seizing for 12 hours. There is no intensive care unit here, and now there is no intensive care in Harare. If we had intensive care, we know it would be immediately full of critically ill patients. As it is, they just die.

The report documents the failed sanitation systems, rampant food insecurity, and high rates of maternal mortality, along with outbreaks of cholera, anthrax, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis.

Find the report, along with PHR’s recommendations, here:


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