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Bringin’ it home: Uninsured people are poor!

There is a great post over at The Healthcare Blog which rounds up a bunch of articles from a variety of sources over the last few days which all basically say the same thing: that poor people in the US spend relatively little of their available income on health insurance and instead choose to spend their cash on more pressing, immediate needs. Money quote:

So take a breath. What does this tell us?

First, health insurance cannot be sold as a voluntary consumer good to poor people. Second, if it can, it can’t be sold to sick poor people. Third, even if it is, then the insurer of last resort can’t maintain the service, even after price gouging.

Do you need any more evidence that a patchwork system of mixed-public and private systems can’t work to cover everybody?

You may not, but as the NY Times reports and as I comment in my other piece today, lots of other apparently well meaning health care lobbyists do.



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