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Gates and Rotary Pair for Polio Eradication

Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it would be donating $630 million towards finally eradicating the polio virus. They will be working primarily with Rotary International, a service organization with chapters in nearly every country in the world and over 1.2 million members as well as the UK and German governments. Together, they represent an amazing example of how the public and private sectors can effectively work together to achieve shared goals.

The effort to eradicate polio began in the 1980’s and has been largely successful, save a few trouble spots such as Afghanistan and Nigeria. Unfortunately, due to many factors such as cultural resistance to western intervention, these polio hot spots have persisted over the past two decades. The danger now is that the virus could spread out of these trouble spots and begin to enter populations who have not been vaccinated. By driving home the eradication of polio, not only will a major scourge be removed from the earth, but also the costs associated with  polio vaccination can be diverted to more pressing health issues.



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