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Photo of the Day

A Bangladeshi woman and her newborn.

A Bangladeshi woman and her newborn.

From the UNICEF’s State of the World Report 2009: Maternal and Newborn Health.  Check out the full photo essay here.


Health in Gaza

Hatem Shurrab, an aid worker with Islamic Relief in Gaza (remember, no journalists), reports on the maternal health situation in the region via The Lancet Global Health Network:

…the healthcare system in Gaza is in disarray and there is little medical support available for pregnant women or their new-born babies. Most delivery rooms and operating theatres which had been used for caesarean sections at Gaza’s hospitals are now being used to treat those injured in the attacks.  On top of this women no longer have any access to ante-natal care because there aren’t enough health staff and because there is no electricity with which to run the ultrasound machines.  Presently women are only giving birth in hospital in critical cases, and even then only if they can make the journey. There have been no caesarean sections since the conflict started. Few women are now able to travel to hospital to give birth as ambulances are unable to reach them.

If a woman dies in childbirth due to the crippling impact of war on the health system, is she considered a casualty of war?  She needs to be.  Only then will be able to grasp the true devastation of war.


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