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Clinton as an Ally for Justice

The Center for Global Development reports that Secretary of State designate Hilary Clinton mentioned “development aid” roughly three more times than Condoleeza Rice did during her Senate confirmation hearing and that global development was a prominent theme throughout.

Here are her development priorities for the administration:

  • Fighting extreme global poverty
  • Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
  • Fighting corruption
  • Eliminating the global education deficit
  • Enhancing U.S. leadership in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Improving global health infrastructure
  • Providing sustainable debt relief to developing countries
  • Expanding prosperity through training, partnerships and expanded opportunities for small and medium enterprise
  • Supporting developing countries in adapting to climate changes
  • Reforming the IMF and World Bank
  • Supporting effective, accountable and democratic institutions.

Improving global health infrastructure, providing debt relief to developing countries, as well as reforming the IMF and the World Bank are three of the most intriguing to me on the list – and will perhaps be the most contentious and difficult for the administration to accomplish. However, its about time that the White House use tools such as the IMF and the World Bank to achieve their stated goal of reducing poverty rather than pushing of neoliberal economic policies which ultimately hurt the poor.

Former President Bill Clinton has extensive experience in creating public-private partnerships to achieve great outcomes in development and global health through the Clinton Global Initiative as well as through the Clinton Foundation. I hope that future Sectretary of State Clinton will use the family’s high profile work as political leverage to both get global health and social justice on the political radar.



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